Other Notable MembersEdit

The Monks are a special sect of humans that refuse to use magic but have instead learnt to manipulate the human soul as an extension of their bodies.

The Monks see magic as a manipulation of nature and as such, an abhorrent act. They believe that true power is to be found within the human mind and soul, rather than by manipulating the world around them. With this belief in mind, the monks sought out a way to expand their own abilities. At first this manifested itself in the form of greater physical capabilities than most mages would ever achieve due to their methods of training. Through meditation they hoped to strengthen the mind as well, however it resulted in them unlocking a power that they never imagined in the form of soul manipulation. With practice and discipline they learnt that humans are capable of controlling their souls as though they were extensions of the body itself, however there are certain limitations such as how far this can reach and how strong they are.

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